...and that was the end of my virtue

27. Rider, Writer, Thespian, Adventurer. Likes horses. And my Cocker Spaniel, Priscilla. And old stuff. Makes clear sense. Desires burial at Metro Goldwyn Mayer.


One thing they did for me that I noticed they did for everybody on that set… No matter how big or how small, they treated everybody as if they were the star. They made me feel that I was the greatest actor in the world. I mean, between takes they would compliment me and tell me how fantastic I was. The two of them… I noticed the patience that they had with all the other actors, like Cecil Kellaway. He only had a few lines in one scene, and they must have made about thirty takes just to get those few lines out right. They always encouraged him, and they were always patient, and they were always sort of festive, and they made him feel good. They made everybody feel as if they were the greatest thing since the wheel.

D’Urville Martin, Frankie, the kid with the roadster in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

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  • 28 August 2012
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